Career Essentials

The century that Konosuke Matsushita’s life (1894-1989) nearly spanned was a tumultuous period for Japan and the world. He faced many difficulties and hardships in rapidly changing times, and he threw himself completely into every endeavor he undertook to overcome each challenge.


Konosuke once remarked, “There is one thing I can say about my entire life and career: from the time I started as an apprentice to when I went to work at the Osaka Electric Light Company, and from the moment I began my independent business career, I not only performed my work sincerely, conscientiously, and to the best of my abilities, but I enjoyed what I was doing and achieved a great sense of fulfillment.”


The 38 essays in this volume will help you discover ways to successfully develop your career by enjoying your business life and devoting yourself to it. They are all themes that Konosuke spoke about to the employees of Panasonic throughout his business career.


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128 pages

Sample Pages



PART ONE: Essentials for New Career Starters
1. Encounter with Destiny
2. Growth Begins with Trust
3. One Simple Key to Success
4. Getting the Most from Difficult Bosses and Colleagues
5. Know Your Company’s History
6. Good Manners Help Relationships
7. Staying Healthy Is Part of the Job
8. Be Tactful, But Speak Up
9. Give the Job a Chance
10. Your Salary Is Not a Measure of Your Value
11. The Company as a Public Entity of Society
PART TWO: Essentials for Middle Management
1. The Boss as Client
2. Love Your Job So Much that It Becomes Your Dream
3. Knowledge By Itself Can Block Innovation
4. The First Step to Earning Trust
5. Going the Extra Inch Makes All the Difference
6. Self-Improvement for Society
7. Vocation and Avocation
8. How to Sell Ability
9. The Function of Reprimands
10. Worth Your Very Life
11. Remember the Excitement
12. Tempering the Self
13. Celebrate Talent
14. Consideration for Your Superiors
PART THREE: Essentials for Senior Management
1. Don’t Blame Your Subordinates
2. Accepting Responsibility
3. Hone Your Professional Skills
4. The Keystone of Training
5. Keep Out of the Way of Your Subordinates
6. Management for Conflict Avoidance
7. Coping with Failure
8. Turn Misfortune into Fortune
9. Assessing Ability
10. Rise to the Challenge
11. Worth the Worry
12. An Infinite Number of Paths to Success
13. Love Your Work