Nurturing Dreams-My Path in Life

Handicapped by poor health, lack of formal schooling, and the early loss of his parents and siblings, Konosuke Matsushita seemed destined for loneliness and misfortune, yet he managed to rise above these obstacles and carve a place for himself in the world of business. Out of his varied experience and travails grew a humanistic philosophy of life that he strove to put into practice throughout the years.


Many of the anecdotes contained in this autobiography reflect the background of postwar Japan and its industrialization within the global economy. The fundamental spirit and ideals expressed are universal and should provide food for thought for readers of any background.


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Foreword ·

Part One

1. My Father’s Rice Exchange Failure

2. Apprenticeships ·

3. The Electric Light Company

4. Manufacturing Sockets

5. Founding the Company that Would Become Panasonic

6. The 1927 Financial Panic

7. The Era of Growth

8. Saved by the Labor Union

Part Two

9. A Fresh Start and a Visit to America

10. The Joint Venture with Philips

11. Nakagawa Electric and Victor of Japan

12. The Five-Year Plan to Quadruple Sales ·

13. Expanding Exports

14. My Years as Chairman ·

15. Pointing to the Dangers of “Income Doubling” ·

16. Leading the Company through the Mid-Sixties Slump

17. Dam-Style Management and the Five-Day Workweek ·

18. Exceeding European Wage Levels and Management as Art

19. The Fiftieth Founding Anniversary

20. Promoting Regional Renewal and the Matsushita Pavilion at Expo ’70

21. Retirement and New Resolve

Timeline of Konosuke Matsushita