Quest for Prosperity

This autobiography is a compilation of reports written between 1935 and 1976. Starting with his days as an apprentice in a brazier shop, Konosuke Matsushita reflects on the experiences which led him to develop the managerial and leadership vision that made him so successful. Often referred to as “The God of Management,” Matsushita likened his career as a journey of discovery. He was convinced that a commitment to humanistic goals, a willingness to face facts, attention to detail, and an ability to listen were more important for success than individual talent. Quest for Prosperity will inspire readers with the dynamic power of his management vision that is rooted in a deep understanding of human nature and society.

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Part One

 1. Boyhood

 2. The Electric Light Company

 3. My Own Business

 4. The Ohiraki-cho Works

 5. A New Factory

 6. The Great Kanto Earthquake

 7. Friends and Supporters


Part Two

 8. Expanding the Business

 9. Year of Crisis

10. Growth During Recession

11. Radio and Battery Production

12. The Mission of Enterprise

13. Birth of a New Spirit


Part Three

14. In the Grip of War

15. The Early Postwar Years

16. A Fresh Start

17. Quadrupling Sales

18. The Sixties Slump

19. Fiftieth Anniversary

20. New Horizons