1946Nov.PHP Institute founded.
1947Apr.First issue of PHP monthly magazine (Japanese edition) published.
MayPHP Friendship Clubs Association established.
1950Jul.PHP research activities suspended, except the publication of PHP.
1952Sep.Tourism Nation Plan proposed by Konosuke Matsushita.
1961Aug.PHP research activities restarted at Shinshin-an.
1967Nov.PHP Head Office building completed in front of Kyoto Station.
1968MayMichi o hiraku (Open the Way) by Konosuke Matsushita published.
Dec.PHP monthly magazine sold over one million copies.
1970Sep.First issue of PHP monthly magazine (English edition) published.
1972Aug.Ningen o Kangaeru (Thoughts on Man) published.
1976Jun.Children's book publishing started.
1977Jan.Watashi no yume Nihon no Yume 21seiki no Yume (A Vision for Japan in the 21st Century) by Konosuke Matsushita published.
MayPHP Seminars launched.
Dec.First issue of Voice monthly magazine published.
1979Nov.PHP International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. founded.
1980Mar.First issue of PHP (Asia-Pacific edition) published.
Oct.Audio Visual training materials published.
1981Apr.PHP Overseas Seminars launched.
1982Nov.PHP Symposium has its first conference.
1983MayThe Kyoto Colloquium on Global Change founded.
1984Apr. “Seven Proposals for Educational Reform” released.
Oct.First issue of The 21 monthly magazine published.
1985Jan.PHP magazine (English and Asia Pacific edition) renamed PHP Intersect.
Mar.A children's book Obaketo Kodomono Ohsama given the Elba Award at the Bologna Children's Book Fair.
1987MayPHP telephone counseling service launched.
1988Apr.First issue of Rekishi Kaido monthly magazine published.
Oct.PHP Editors Group, Inc. established.
1989Feb.PHP Institute of America, Inc. founded.
Apr.Konosuke Matsushita, founder of PHP Institute, passes away at the age of 94.
Sep.PHP Scholarship Program started.
1991Nov.Training and Development Center inaugurated.
1992MayShichihei Yamamoto Prize established.
Oct.Correspondence education started.
1996Nov.PHP Institute’s 50th Anniversary.
1997Feb.“Proposals for Dealing with Japan's Financial Crisis” released.
1998Jan.First issue of PHP Policy Research Reports published.
Apr.First issue of Konosuke Matsushita Studies published.
2000Apr.First issue of JAPAN CLOSE-UP monthly magazine published.
MayAnnouncement of the “Seven-year Plan for Reconstructing Japan”
Oct.Electronic books publishing launched.
2001Jun.Announcement of the “Restructuring Plan for Public Enterprises”
2002MayAnnouncement of the “Seven Challenges for the Local Authorities for Independence”
2003Apr.First issue of PHP Business Review magazine published.
2004Apr.First issue of “Ronso Matsushita Konosuke” published.
Nov.Announcement of the “Draft of the Japanese Constitution for the 21st Century”
2005Jul.First issue of Manifesto White Paper published.
2006Apr.PHP Business Shinsho (the pocket-size version of a book) launched.
2007Sep.First issue of PHP Policy Review published.
2008Dec.Jyosei no Hinkaku sold more than 3.1 million copies.
2009Jan.Rikyu ni Tazuneyo awarded the Naoki Prize.
2010Oct.Matsushita Konosuke.com, an official website about Konosuke Matsushita, established.
2011Feb.Matsushita Konosuke Keiei Jyuku, a management course based on his philosophy, launched.
2013Dec.Michi o hiraku (Open the Way) , a long-selling book by Konosuke Matsushita, sold over 5 million copies.
Dec.English and Chinese webpages of Matsushita Konosuke.com established.
---PHP Institute engages in Advisory Council on the Establishment of a National Security Council.
2014Mar.PHP Business Shinsho Matsushita Konosuke Library (a series of books) started.