The Heart of Management

How did Konosuke Matsushita concretely deal with the full range of functional areas and concepts of corporate management, including basic management principles, organization, product development, production, sales, accounting, and personnel? This volume attempts to answer those questions by presenting a compendium of good management. It is a carefully considered selection of Matsushita’s thought on these issues, designed to provide a reliable compass for negotiating the route to management success even in the most difficult of business.



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1. Principles and Objectives
   What Are We Managing For?
   How Do We Go About It?
2. Qualities of Responsible Management
    What Are the Requirements of Your Job?
    What Should Be Your Frame of Mind?
    How to Deal with Recession and Other Adversity
3. Organizations and Systems
    How to Assemble a Dynamic Organization
    The Matsushita Electric Division System
    The Strengths of Small Enterprises
4. Product Development and Production
    How to Enhance Technology
    Points on Product Development
    Quality Goods and Quality Improvement
    The Significance of Good Design
5. Marketing and Sales
    Putting the Customer First
    The Key to Success in Marketing
    The Basics of Service
    The Significance of Advertising and Promotion
6. Buying and Stock Management
    Profits Depend on Supply
7. Accounting
    Role of the Accounting Department
    Why Profit Is Necessary
    Taking Good Advantage of Capital
8. Personnel Management
    Attracting Good Employees
    How to Cultivate People
    Points in Setting Salaries
    Handling of Labor-management Relations
9. Offshore Development
    Doing Business Abroad