Not for Bread Alone

This work presents a selection of 71 essays culled from experiences described in four books Konosuke Matsushita published in Japanese. Encapsulating the essence of Japanese management and presenting the author’s business ethos and management ethic, Not for Bread Alone is the ideal reference for anyone running a business. It provides a balanced and thoughtful look at the ethical and business issues facing every manager today. 

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Part One

Chapter 1 : Human Resources

Chapter 2 : Collective Wisdom

Chapter 3 : Creative Management

Chapter 4 : Spirit of Service

Chapter 5 : Social Responsibility

Chapter 6 : Challenge and Growth

Chapter 7 : The Ideal Manager


Part Two

  1. No Such Thing as Failure
  2. Vagaries of Fate
  3. All or Nothing on a Bicycle Lamp
  4. Better Safe Than  Bankrupt
  5. Demand Forecast as a Well-hedged Bet
  6. Ill-fated Partnership
  7. Clear the Warehouses!
  8. The Customer Comes First
  9. Growth in Striving for a Goal
  10. The Devil’s Gate
  11. Divide and Succeed
  12. Toward Spiritual Affluence
  13. Two Wheels in the Balance
  14. Pricetag on the Intangible
  15. Five-day Workweek
  16. The Fault May Be Yours
  17. New Man at the Helm
  18. Leaders of Tomorrow