Effective 5S practices


This DVD provides you a language selection.
(Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Vietnamese).
Practice 5S with clear objectives.

Takashi Nagata
Seiji Tsuchiya
List Price(tax-inc.):¥126,000
Number of Discs:1
Run Time:60minutes
Language:Japanese, English, Chinese and Portuguese



Review a basic manufacturing with proper 5S. It's common that people who practice 5S end up with only keeping things tidy and in order without having any sort of achievement. The actual aim of 5S practices is to enhance productivity, to improve quality and to ensure safety control. This DVD provides with the idea of 5S through the descriptions of its practical procedure.


Filming Collaborators
STK Technology Co., Ltd. 
Electronics Dept./Semiconductor Dept./Mechatronics Dept.



1: 5S practices should be act with clear objective. The way of thinking brings you good results.

2: Language selection allows you to teach your workers from abroad.
3: Introduce the know-how of Production Conservation Technology Research Institute which has successful results in many 5S trainings.
Suitable for:
◆The company failed to complete the 5S practices.
◆5S activities become stereotyped and the work places are in disorder. 
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