The 5S's!

This DVD provides you a language selection.

(Japanese, English, Chinese and Portuguese)

Learning from case studies: The 5S's!

Takashi Nagata
Katsuyoshi Nakanishi
List Price(tax-inc.):¥105,000
Number of Discs:1
Run Time:94minutes
Language:Japanese, English, Chinese and Portuguese



5S are essential activities to have the fundamentals of work. More companies start using 5S techniques as a tool of management. To have quick satisfaction from 5S in the earlier stage, it is important to study successful cases of others.


This learning material is intended to introduce the actual cases of successful companies which achieved an excellent result, and to explain the important point of actual practices.


In addition, this DVD is translated into languages such as Japanese, English, Chinese and Portuguese so that you can teach 5S to your workers from overseas. This DVD is suitable for the training of 5S in your company.



Planning Collaborators
Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, JIPM-Solutions co.,Ltd.
Filming Collaborators 
Aisin AW Co., Ltd. Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. Aisin Takaoka Co.,Ltd.  A・I・Co., Ltd. SangoCo., Ltd. 
Jtekt Co., Ltd. TOGO SEISAKUSYO Co., Ltd. Nihon Sekiso Co., Ltd. Fuji Co., Ltd.


1: Visual images of situational 5S examples provide higher efficiency to have clear idea. 

2: The DVD makes your workers understand how important 5S is, and the programs are designed to motivate them to work more efficiently.

3: You can teach 5S to your workers who speak English, Chinese and Portuguese with this DVD.



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