Business Essentials (日本語書名『商売心得帖』)

(Available only in E-book format)


Konosuke Matsushita firmly believes, “Ideas, implementation, and reflection are very important in business. I myself am struck anew by just how important this basic stance really is.” This e-book contains a wide range of talks Matsushita made and essays he composed from time to time while at work with Matsushita Electric (now Panasonic Corporation). The essences of doing business that he acquired through the operation of his own business and through deep contemplation are still rock solid and guideposts for all businesspeople.

Available only in E-book format
Part 1  Essentials for Business
The Public is Right
Competition and Cooperation
How Happy Do You Make Your Customers? 
The Secret of Sales Success
Make Your Smile a Sales Premium
Gauging the Strength of Your Business
Make Personal Contact a Form of Customer Service
Your Selling Price Includes Your Spirit
Proper Way to Do Business
It’s Not Just Your Business
General Hospitals and Local Clinics
Price-setting in the Modern Age
Expanding Your Customer Base
Friendly Competition
Customers are Family
Be Your Customer’s Purchasing Manager
Your Industry’s Reputation is a Shared Responsibility
Twenty Young, Shining Faces
Take Care of Your Merchandise
Start with Service
Loyal Subjects
Put Your Customers and Suppliers First
Gratitude for Customers
Reaching Out to Customers
Generate New Product Ideas
Bad Times Are Good
Dignify Your Neighborhood
Profit is in the Purchase
Collections and Payments
Good Marriage, Good Credit
Security is Never Guaranteed
Compete Fairly
Part 2.  Essentials for Managing People
The First Step toward Attracting People
Focus on Your Employee’s Strengths
Developing People
Enjoyment Leads to Skill
Individual Responsibility
“Forging” People
Trust Your People
Bottom-up Communication
Encourage Your People to Speak Up
The Heart of the Manager
A Wholesaler Blows His Top
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