Practical Management Philosophy (日本語書名『実践経営哲学』)

paper book


“This collection sets forth my management principles, or my management philosophy; that is, my basic thoughts on how to manage an enterprise based on 60 years of experience and lessons learned. The term ‘management philosophy’ sounds perhaps a bit grandiose, as this work is neither the result of disciplined academic study nor a systematically developed treatise. Rather, it is a compilation of practical lessons which, in my experience, will surely create the foundations for success for any company that builds its management upon them.” (from the Preface)

Practical Management Philosophy
      1. First Establish a Management Philosophy
      2. Always Think in Terms of Seisei Hatten
      3. Understand Human Nature
      4. Fully Understand the Mission
      5. Follow Natural Law ·
      6. Regard Profits as a Reward
      7. Promote Mutual Prosperity ·
      8. Assume the Public is Right
      9. Believe You Will Succeed
     10. Strive for Autonomy
     11. “Dam” Management ·
     12. Sound Management Practice
     13. Be Committed to Specialization
     14. People before Products
     15. Collective Wisdom
     16. Harmony in Opposition
     17. Creative Management
     18. Start Anew Every Day 
     19. Be Politically Aware
     20. The Sunao Mind
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