The Million-Dollar Knack for Successful Management

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Born in a small farming village in rural Wakayama, Konosuke Matsushita was forced to leave school at the age of 9 for an apprenticeship in Osaka because of his family’s poverty. At 23, he set up his own business and began working on his own inventions. Relentlessly pursuing innovation in products and management, that tiny workshop grew into the global corporation we know today as Panasonic.
Known as the “God of Management” in Japan, Matsushita's business books  have sold more than 18 million copies in Japanalone.
The Million-Dollar Knack for Successful Management summarizes Matsushita’s timeless essentials of business management gleaned from more than 60 years of business experience. As you will learn from Matsushita, “Grasping the knack of management is worth a million dollars.”

The Million-Dollar Knack for Successful Management


Part One
1. When It Rains, Open an Umbrella ·
2. To Motivate People, Set an Example
3. Manipulation Will Not Develop People
4. Raise Your Banner High ·
5. Second-Generation Presidents Need Fire in the Belly
6. Losing Money Has No Placein Business
7. Good Times Good, Bad Times Even Better
8. Small- and Medium-Size Businesses Get the Most from Their Employees·
9. Delegate Responsibility with a Watchful Eye
10. Fast-Track Employees Need Support
11. Intuition Makes Sense
12. Meetings Are Usually Inefficient
13. First Adopters Contribute to Progress
14. Good Purchasing Managers Earn Trust by Demanding Lower Prices
15. The President Is Not a Strategist
16. Is Your Management Skill Keeping Pace with Your Business?
17. Business Shapes the Times
18. Give Yourself Leeway
19. A Society Where Ethical Managers Thrive ·
20. The Wisdom of the Many Comes to Those Who Wish for It
21. When Things Go Badly, The Problem Is You
22. A Manager Inspires Employees to Dream
23. The Million-Dollar Knack for Successful Management
Part Two
24. Final Responsibility Rests with the President
25. Even the Most Ordinary Day Holds Valuable Experience
26. Managers Are Not Magicians
27. Employees Take Their Cue from Management ·
28. Stand Fast and Solutions Will Come
29. In an Emergency, Can You Borrow from Your Employees?
30. Are You Ready to Die for Your Subordinates?
31. Encourage Yourself
32. Worries Are a Source of Resolve
33. Management and Politics
34. There Are No Dead Ends in Business
35. You Are the Hero of a Real-Life Drama
36. Health and Lifespan Are Different for Everyone ·
37. Youth Is Youngness at Heart



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