People Before Products

(Available only in E-book format)

Management based on the principle of collective wisdom not only leads to better business performance, it also fosters the growth of individual human potential. From Konosuke Matsushita's own experience and observations, employees grow in insight and ability even if their supervisor is the most average of people, as long as that supervisor is a willing listener and is determined to work harder than anyone else to mobilize the human resources available to him or her. This is how humankind’s tremendous potential will be fully realized. 

[Note: "Part Two:Memorable Encounters" is not included in this E-book version.] 


Available only in E-book format





I.  Employing People

1. Hiring for the Public Good

2. Worry As a Badge of Honor

3. Two Out of Ten Is Enough

4. The Manager’s Bed of Nails

5. What Counts Is Commitment

6. Compassion Is What Matters


II.  Motivating Employees

1. Transparent Management

2. Inspired Leadership

3. Responsible Decision Making

4. Character and Ability—61

5. Strength in Admitting Weakness—65

6. Someone to Listen


III.Cultivating Human Resources

1. The Tea-Serving President

2. The Taste of Salt

3. A Good Listener

4. A Healthy Measure of Fear

5. When Not to Try to Remember

6. Growth Through Employment


IV.  Optimal Personnel Management

1. People with Good Luck—102

2. An Emphasis on Strength—

3. The Chemistry of Teamwork

4. Managing Superiors

5. The Adhesive Power of Authority

6. Off the Seniority Track



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