Thoughts on Man (日本語書名『人間を考える』)

(Available only in E-book format)


Konosuke Matsushita engaged in business for more than 80 years, since he was nine years old. He thought about man and society through his long business life and various experiences to seek peace, happiness, and prosperity for the world. This book was originally published in Japanese in 1972, and will give us hints and ideas to the question “What is man and how should man act in society?” He said, “I have limited my discussion in this volume to what seems to me to be the most basic and important aspects of man. I sincerely hope that this book will make a small contribution to the realization of peace, happiness and prosperity.”

Available only in E-book format
Part I A New Concept of Man
Chapter 1  Why a New Concept of Man?   
Chapter 2  The Universe   
Chapter 3  Man and the Universe   
Chapter 4  Realizing the Potential of Man   
Chapter 5  The Meaning of Human Society   
Chapter 6  The Development of Japan Through Shuchi   
Part II The Way of Man
Chapter 1  From the Concept of Man to the Way of Man   
Chapter 2  Acceptance and the Way of Man   
Chapter 3  How to Treat Men and Things   
Chapter 4  What Supports the Way of Man   
Chapter 5  Practicing the Way of Man   
Chapter 6  Putting Our Legacies to Use   
Chapter 7  A Society Based on the way of Man   
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