Zest for Management(日本語書名『松下幸之助の経営問答』)

(Available only in E-book format)


Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Panasonic Corporation, himself faced inexperience, recession, hard times, and the day-to-day worries of a business executive. In every situation he anguished, thought, and found a way to solve the problem and move forward. Echoing the conviction, common sense, and simplicity that were his trademark, “Zest for Management” brings together excerpts from interviews and lectures by the founder during his lifetime that touch on the timeless concerns that entrepreneurs and management executives confront. We believe these words of wisdom offer a guiding hand, even in these quite different times, in coping with the challenges of business management.

Available only in E-book format
The Business Executive
When You Lose Confidence in Yourself
What it takes to be an executive
The knack of management
Overcoming worry
Prerequisites for success
What it takes to be a leader
How to enhance leadership ability
Attitude toward employees
Leadership in times of emergency
Dealing with conflict
On scheming and maneuvering
Knowing when to withdraw
Guiding Principles
When You Don’t Know Which Way to Turn
The qualities and attributes of a business executive
The origins of your management philosophy
Reasons for adopting a creed
Unwritten contract with consumers
Mutual prosperity and autonomous management
Determining a fair profit
The value of management know-how
The demand for a management guidance fee
The nature of capital
Basic principles for overseas expansion
Employees and Staff
When You Worry about Training and Assignments
Cultivating human resources
When to persevere and when to adjust
Suitability or choice
Seniority or ability
Criteria for selecting your successor
Training a successor
Aptitude or training
Dealing with senior executives
Dealing with unqualified individuals
How to cultivate middle-management executives
The key to influencing people
Scolding from the head or from the heart?
How to talk to someone who has failed
Basic internal management
Tolerance versus harshness
Enlightened trust
The pros and cons of scouting outside
Tips for recruiting
The Organization
When You Want To Revitalize Your Business
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