Your day will change the world


Your day will change the world traveler

The man is a traveler.

He learned many things traveling all around the world,about animals, plants, weather, skills to create goods, ways to grow crops, and many different languages.

He always had a warm smile and generously taught whatever he learned to anybody if he was asked to do so. He explained in detail everything he had seen in the world if people asked him to share.

In any village on his journey, many people gathered around him wanting to get hints that would make their lives better. In any town, many people came to see him, because they wanted to listen to his exciting stories.

Among the many things he shared, children and adults, men and women, rich and poor, no matter the country, wanted to try something he told them about. When they heard it, they would say, “Ah, ha!” or “Let me try.”

That is the idea of “Your day will change the world.”

He learned this idea from a Japanese man.
And he thought that he would like to convey this idea to as many people as he could.

Therefore, he would talk about “Your day will change the world” any time, any place, and to anyone who would listen. He also added “The Ten Questions” to make your day shine, to honor the day every day.

Yes, this is what he did everywhere, and here in this town, too.

Your day will change the world young man

Many people of the town were deeply touched by the idea of “Your day will change the world,” shared by the traveler, including a young man working at a factory.

“Your day will change the world.”
The young man was deeply moved by this idea and, every day, he asked himself “The Ten Questions” to make your day shine, which were taught by the traveler, showing some specific ways to honor today as a very important and indispensable day of your life.

He asked them in the morning as he got up.
He asked them in the evening before he went to bed.
He posted “The Ten Questions” to make your day shine at his desk and next to his mirror.

He honored each day and lived a better life.
As was predicted by the traveler, the young man manifested a better world by himself and with people around him.

He honored the day every day in this way.
Then all of these days formed his enriched life.

Yes, as you see here.

The Ten Questions

Are you smiling now ?

Who are those whom you care about ?

What can you do for those whom you care about ?

What can you do for people and society ?

Can you follow your conscience ?

Do you take your “inner knowing” seriously ?

Can you say “Thank you” from the bottom of your heart ?

What kind of person do you want to become ?

How do you live your day ?

Are you smiling now ?

The Ten Questions

Please ask yourself quietly “The Ten Questions” to make your day shine.
When you wake up in the morning, during the day, and before you go to bed...... Of course, it is fine if you can ask them only when you have time.
Even if you remember only one of “The Ten Questions,” I believe that your day would start changing little by little. Once you feel certain that it works, please share this idea of “Your day will change the world” and “The Ten Questions” to those whom you care about.
Then the world will start changing to be many times better from where you live and people around you.

Message from an author

I am an author of children’s books in Japan.

“Your day will change the world” means that you can manifest a better and more peaceful world by honoring each day and living better starting from yourself and where you live.
I came up with this idea when I was an elementary school teacher in my twenties. I have shared this idea ever since whenever I have a chance.
I decided even more firmly to disseminate this idea widely in 2004.
Suddenly in February, 2004, I contracted a cerebral infarction.

The left side of my body was paralyzed and I was not able to move or talk.
I was semiconscious and cried in bed every day in complete defeat and despair.
I had an infarction in my brain stem, which is the part of the brain for survival. Every morning as I woke up, I tried to confirm that I was still alive. I was in overwhelming fear, as if I was looking over the edge of a deep and dark cliff.

One day, I suddenly realized that I was sad and afraid because I was alive. I was supported by many people including my family and friends to live in a lot of love and happiness. Then I questioned myself what I would be able to do for my family, society and the world. I questioned myself how I would honor each day of my life and live more sincerely, and find meaning in my life. That would be described in “Your day will change the world” and “The Ten Questions” to make your day shine.

As I look back, in those days and months, I took a serious look at my life and how I would live, and I now realize that was a halftime break that God had given me. Thanks to the halftime break, I was able to spend enough time to closely examine how I would live the rest of my life.

Your day will change the world artwork

Ever since, I have been determined to write children’s books that would be loved by people around the world for years to come, and to share the idea of “Your day will change the world.” Part of the reason that I survived, or was given more days to live, is so that I can spread this idea all around the world, and encourage people to live this idea.

PHP Institute, Inc. kindly agreed with me to publish this book titled “Your day will change the world” for all the people in the world.

I wish your day to be a good day, as you so kindly chose this book to read!

And may peace prevail in the world.


Shigenori Kusunoki, Author

Kusunoki was born in 1961 and currently lives in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. He obtained Master’s degree from Naruto University of Education, and was an elementary school teacher, the vice director of Naruto Municipal Library and recently is an author of children’s books and a lecturer.
His works include “Okodademasen Youni” (“I Hope I Don’t Get Scolded”), “Megane wo Kaketara” (“When She Put on Her Glasses”),“Niko Niko Virus” (“Happy Smiling Viruses”), “Gomen Nasai ga Ippai” ( “So Many ‘Sorries’ ”), and “Onibo” (“A Devilkin”).Many of his works have been published in Japan and also translated into other languages.


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Your day will change the world [Japanese and English]
“The Ten Questions” to make your day shine

[ Author ]
Written by Shigenori Kusunoki
Illustrated by Taku Furuyama
English translation by Chigusa Theresa Hanaoka
[ Number of pages ]
48 pages
[ Target age ]
From teens to adults